The Perth Pet Taxi Story...

"Pets have always been very special to me, it's almost like there is a big part of my heart that is devoted to loving animals. 


I was lucky enough to be raised by an animal loving family. My childhood memories are full of farm yard animals and pets. My Dad would often come home with an injured magpie or a joey whose mum had been hit by a car. Mum used to breed St Bernard Dogs, my Dad Shetland Pony's and Aberdeen Angus cattle. We had a mulberry tree and I had silk worms.

Because I grew up on a farm, animals became my after-school playmates, and so my passion for animals grew.
One of the ways to build our Shetland Pony stud name (White Swan Shetland Pony Stud) was to follow all the country shows to gain enough points to qualify for the Royal Melbourne Show (I grew up in Victoria). From the age of eleven, I used to have 2 weeks off school every year in September and live at the show looking after our animals. I have such fond memories of being surrounded by animals and people who loved animals.
In 2015 my career in the corporate world changed direction after the commodities crash. I decided that I would start my own business.  When I started thinking about what type of business I'd like to have my passion kept filling my thoughts - it had to be based around animals. 
While I was considering what type of animal/pet based Business I would start, fate stepped in when a picture of a St Bernard sitting in the front seat of a Toyota Camry flashed up on my computer screen. 
It got me thinking about how people without cars got around with their pets.
And that’s how my business, Perth Pet Taxi, first got started.

So, with my background, I knew I had all the experience to own and operate my own pet taxi business, and I started reading up on domestic pet transport. I even spoke to a vet to get a professional opinion on my idea.
I then registered the business name "Perth Pet Taxi". 
As the weeks rolled on I couldn't think of anything else, except for giving the pets of Perth a “stylish and safe ride around town."

Terry Butts

Owner & Pet Taxi Driver