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  • Are you a 24-hour service?
    We are open Monday -Saturday from 6am - 6pm, with flexibility to accommodate out of hours bookings with 48hrs prior notice.
  • What type of animals to do you transport?
    Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles.... any domestic pet! We transport these locally and for interstate or international travel, we transport your pets to and from the airport also.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Perth's northern suburbs and cover a radius from Yanchep to the hills and down to Mandurah.
  • How can we pay you?
    Our payment facilities are > EFTPOS, EFT, or cash.
  • Can you book flights for us?
    We don't book flights for your pet but we work closely with several companies that do fly pets and can accommodate your air pets air travel needs.
  • Do you provide pet crates?
    No, we don't. You need to purchase or hire your crate. Not to worry though, as you do not need a crate to transport your pet in our pet taxi, as we have a custom-made crate securely mounted in our vehicles. Some customers use their own cat carriers with us, though.
  • What type insurance do you have?
    We have business and standard public liability insurances. Your pet is not individually insured for loss or illness, unless you have organised personal pet insurance for them.
  • If I am moving two pets is the price the same as for one?
    For every extra pet, there is a $5 extra surcharge.
  • Does my pet travel with other animals?
    To keep pets stress levels low during transport we only transport pets together that are from the same family.
  • Will my dog have a toilet break?
    We ask owners to walk their dogs prior to collection. For long trips, we stop hourly to walk dogs.
  • From what age do you transport pets?
    We don't have an age restriction but normally we wouldn't transport under eight weeks of age. If there were extenuating circumstances then this may be considered.
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