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All Pets Big & Small - We Transport Them All!

As well as traditional pets, Perth Pet Taxi are happy to transport your non-traditional small domestic animals, such as Poultry, Sheep, Goats & Pigs.


These breeds are transported in a custom built trailer, designed specifically for their safety. If they are babies and need sheltering from the weather, we will put them in the Pet Taxi.


We can also help transport your cold-blooded pets! i.e. Birds and Wildlife Rescue Snakes & Reptiles.

Customised & Flexible Solutions

Each and every pet comes from a different home & lifestyle, so there is no one size fits all approach - we cater to every animal according to their specific needs and requirements.


Our Pet Taxi has a custom built fully enclosed dog crate. Other vehicles have a Dog Car Harness that is securely attached to the seat belts for safe travel. Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and all other small animals travel in the traditional plastic cat carrier crate/cage that is securely buckled in with the vehicles safety belt.

Cat owners and other small Pets owners are encouraged to supply their own plastic secure crate/cage, as quite often small animals travel more comfortably in their own familiar carrier.  


We endeavor to meet your time frames and preferences - no matter the circumstance, if an animal needs transport, we are here to help.

Animals Love Travelling With Perth Pet Taxi

We provide safe and enjoyable transport for your furry or feathered friends.


We will pick them up in one of our fully equipped pet taxis and drop them off safely at any destination, ensuring their comfort and happiness at all times. 


Owners are also welcome to come for the ride, too!

Safe & Sound

from A to B

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