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How To Take Care of Your Pets While You’re On Holiday

Our wet Perth winter is soon coming to a close, and with this comes thoughts of summer and holidays! While we all love the company of our furry family members, it can be difficult taking them along with us… So what are we pet owners to do?

Our furry friends need companionship as much as we do; research shows us that dogs and cats need to be with their humans for emotional security. The act of simply patting our beloved pets releases the feel-good hormone "oxytocin” in them, and being included in family daily routines offers excitement with play, exercise, food and love.

So, what if your upcoming holiday doesn't allow for your furry friend to join? Not to worry - I have some great ideas to keep your pet feeling loved while you enjoy the sun!

1. Boarding Kennels and Catteries

It is always comforting to check these out in person if possible, to get a feel for your pet's “away from home” environment. They need to be booked well in advance for school and Christmas holidays. One of the boarding Kennels we transport to and from,, is a home away from home for our four-legged friends. There are many to choose from in Perth, but remember to book early!

2. Family and Friends

Some people are fortunate and have family members to mind their pets, in either their home or yours. Pets are usually more comfortable in their own home, especially cats, but most dogs can adapt to a new environment if they have company. Other people use neighbours who can offer the same for your pet. All going well, you could return the favour!

3. Pet Sitting

Another option, which is becoming very popular, is Pet Sitting. Sitters can either visit your home during the day for feeding, exercising, spend quality time, can stay overnight, or care for your pet in their home. Their prices are comparable with kennels and catteries, and you can find one easily on the internet.

If you would like to share your pets holiday experiences, please feel free to do so below!

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