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How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

For most of you, your beloved pooch is just as much your family as, well, your family! So, when it comes to planning your Big Day, it only makes sense to include your four-legged family member in the celebrations.

Before your wedding, planning is the name of the game; questions of when, where, who, bridal party and so much more are to be considered. If you're wondering where your pooch fits in to all of this - don't worry! We have compiled some ideas to include your most treasured family member below.

Planning your day:

Include your dog on your invitations, your wedding, engagement and bridal shower. A surprise appearance may sound like fun, but consider guests with allergies or dog fear. This gives then time to prepare themselves.

Pet friendly venues:

A ceremony in a park, then a marque in your garden doesn’t usually pose a problem. If you’re looking at venues, check out their pet policy. Some have policies around using a lead and restrictions to certain areas.

Capturing your memories:

Guests can take photos, but it’s hard to get great shots of animals without lots of time and patience. If you are using a professional photographer, discuss their experience with working with animals.

Pre-wedding inclusions:

If your bridal shower and engagement is at home, or at a dog friendly venue, it’s fun to include your dog. They can be dressed for the occasion and mingle with your guests. Consider a GoPro to capture moments from your dog’s perspective! Some couples find the thought of their dog at the ceremony a little too daunting, so the above ensures their dog is included in their thoughts.

Roles for your dog on the day:

  • GoPro photographer - Attached with a Velcro strap and if uncomfortable, it’s easily removed.

  • Page or Flower dog - They can walk down the aisle and be dressed in a matching outfit! This is great for dogs who can’t be trusted off a lead!

  • Ring bearer - Your dog can be taught to carry the ring box. Do some training with a toy first and then progress to the box. Delightful, but there will be some slobber!

Considering the above, you need to have someone in the bridal party or a guest who is comfortable to be responsible for your dog. Otherwise there are businesses that mind and groom your dog beforehand, and transport them to and from the wedding.

So, we hope you have found our few ideas thought provoking. Your wedding day is a celebration of your coming together and sharing this with special loved ones, your dog topping the list!

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